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Moved by adventdaughter Moved :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 0 Ninja-Genius Fox-Wolf Thingy by adventdaughter Ninja-Genius Fox-Wolf Thingy :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 80 28
It's rather awkward to wake up to the realization that you aren't sure if you're awake.
     Half-existent, she slowly rose up from the ground that she assumed that she had been sleeping on. The ground was gray. It couldn't be said whether it was hard or soft, rough or smooth, or even bright or dull; only that it existed, and she knew this only because she wasn't floating or falling. As she balanced herself on her feet, it supported her weight, but she couldn't say whether it was hard or if it was soft. You might be able to say that she was drifting, though, as even though she felt like she was walking forward, there were no objects or landmarks to prove that she was moving anywhere.
     Above her, the sky was a silent, muted purple. It loomed over her, offering her no help in her confused state. At the same time, it seemed to assure her that it was alright to be confused, because there was nothing to worry about in that land of nothin
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 16
Void Between Work and Home by adventdaughter Void Between Work and Home :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 5 17 Jann-Drixel by adventdaughter Jann-Drixel :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 7 14
A death that I can't find
A breath to starve my mind
A word without its kind
Spurred to the absurd
A song I didn't write
A wrong out of my sight
A moon without a night
Croon the darkened tune
Her stocks of delayed trust
A fox sitting nonplussed
A fruit of settled dust
Salute the highest suit
A love I sorely miss
Above deceitful kiss
I will endure this
The thrill of dreams must still
But my heart, you cannot kill
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 1 8
Piano Keys
And so the final strings will whither here
Before the climax could begin
In what place or home or mountain gate
Will you spring upon your sin?
For bells that ring and phones that don't
Until tomorrow comes our way
In what corner of your mind
Do all your lovers lay?
Through heavens black and hells of white
And skies of turquoise green
In what clouds of nurtured winds
Do your pretty words all mean?
Run, my dearest darling boy
To seven gates and hills
For under what corrupted joy
Will all our corpses fill?
And up above where we once stood
Our backs against the sun
If you could adjust the past
What else would you have done?
As my eyes are drooping low
With trees and gods escorting me
How can I ever look at you
With all the dreams I see?
Piano keys are sounding off
With efforts to conceal
How can I turn my back on you
With all the love I feel?
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 4
Dipping her brush tip lightly into the paint, she smiled faintly. Colors, colors, colors. She slowly and delicately drew her brush over the canvas, the bristles gliding over the dips and ridges, leaving wet hue-globs to spread and settle and soak into permanence. One must be careful with paint, she knew, for the simple reason that once pure white was stained, there was no eraser or bleach or water with which to clean mistakes away. And so she led her brush in an elegant sky-dance that spoke of clouds and fog and distant blue-white dreams in which ships that sailed over cirrus-seas harbored in docks nestled among the untouchable white heaven-wisps, and a place where you don't need a ladder to reach out and grasp the spirit of the sun. Where next would she place her paint? What new forms could she dream up from nothing but her imagination and the baby pinks, cotton-blues, marshmallow whites, and other colors that lay in wait upon her palette?
It was of utmost delight and surprise to her
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 6 15
Masqued Fox by adventdaughter Masqued Fox :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 7 Faryn by adventdaughter Faryn :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 11 Avatar 5 by adventdaughter Avatar 5 :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 5 32
Just for Today
I'm penning things down with the ground below me
Trembling for the want of growth under the blazing light
That's slinked this way among the words we say
Words can't find it and minds can't paint it
In poetry we taint it, but it's only personified splendor
It's the single most dangerous thing, but I don't care
The dried out roses and melting snows and sweetened falling rain
Can't rival the taste of the universe that's on your lips
Beyond the swirled clouds of madness, darkness, hereness, thereness
Is a loveliness, a loneliness, a satiating cry
That careens to the glittering moon with the cries of wolves
A wind's sweeping through the street and ringing the chimes
Of a heart that's full to bursting with visions of dragons and purple seas
And fiery skies that melt into the gutters and smear the horizon
And sneak upon you with vigor and a purposeful drive
Like the remorseful spider upon its countless prey
And even so, I pray and live and love
Because the wires from my head are slipping unde
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 2 7
Get Along with Me
All the words I could never form
Contribute daily to the maddened storm
While a flickering fire burns within you
With the perfumed scent of chloroform
Your hungry blaze was set aflame
By the only torch that bears your name
I feel the coolness in your touch
Like warmth itself would bring you shame
Late-night slumber harbors midnight dreams
Where imaginations fester and emotion teems
I grasp my joy and cherish my sorrow
Because I can't quite get along with me, it seems
For you, I'd raise my voice against a falling star
Because love makes me see that naught is far
Love pleasantly blinds me from what I can't see
My heart's just one string on your life's guitar
Mold me well, but allow my lips to flow
How can I say what I do not know?
Pin the wind to the ground you walk on
Only in my dreams does your shadow glow
:iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 0 19
Where Are You? by adventdaughter Where Are You? :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 1 12 Heartstring by adventdaughter Heartstring :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 7 21 Simplistic Convolution by adventdaughter Simplistic Convolution :iconadventdaughter:adventdaughter 3 24

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Dream World
Dreams fostered to by the fertile air of the night
Eyes close drifting the world away from the sight
Words of unknown stories and fantasy begin to recite
Delight in folklore fills the form of a lionhearted protagonist
Blight creeps together in a writhing mass to form the baneful antagonist
Fight and war break out as good will try to resist
The horn of the unicorn splashed with red
The cold killing arms of the undead
Evil breaks the line as the dark arcane words are read
Dread fills the villain as the hero sweeps at a rush
Tread the horses hooves did till their swords did brush
Bled their bodies have as they fought around in the slush
From his horse the hero fell
With the tip of the sword at his throat the blackguard bids him farewell
Suddenly from the north is heard a great yell
Swell does the forces of good lead by the heroine of the story
Till then all had seemed lost but now in grasp is the field and glory
Fell upon the dirt laid the villain and his entire sortie
What will be lef
:icondreamspiders:DreamSpiders 2 3
The Sacrifice by consumers-choice The Sacrifice :iconconsumers-choice:consumers-choice 1 2
I See You
I see a light shining really bright,
one that I know I can follow...
It helps shine in the night,
no matter what the sorrow..
I see a incredible strength,
and such a will to be strong.
It has traveled a great length,
and held together for so long.
I see a huge fog like mystery,
covering up a deep secret..
No matter what the history,
it's something I can never forget..
I see something I can't explain,
and it leaves me wondering each day.
The answer so pure and plain,
telling me not to be this way..
What I see really is a good friend,
I see a girl like me,
trying to be all she can be,
and who will fight to the end..
I see you.....
:iconicstarsnureyes:icstarsnureyes 1 2
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Much love to you all. :heart:

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ZoeStead Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh nice gallery! great work!
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Hi there, long time ago i have been here.

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nice gallery! :D
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I know u are a big fan of clay stuff so u may wanna see that I made a CLAY Young Link and Saria! ^^
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i love ur garas sandbox pic omg its so great plz tell me how u did that i love it soooo much
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